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19/11/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Men's Skin Tends to Wrinkle Earlier

Shiseido Publishes a New Study on Gender-Specific Skin Health

A research team from the cosmetics company Shiseido has discovered that wrinkles develop around men's eyes ten years earlier than in women. The experts suspect this is caused by specific physiological characteristics of male skin that make it more sensitive to oxidative damage and UV rays. Differences in lifestyle could also play a role, according to the researchers. Furthermore, male skin is thought to age because men use less skincare and sunscreen.

3D Image Analysis and Wrinkle Replicas

The team established these results by examining skin irregularities with the help of 3D image analysis of wrinkle replicas made from silicone resin. These findings were supported by analysing statistical data from within the company. Shiseido explains that it has been researching the gender-typical physiological characteristics of skin at different ages for many years.

Lower Skin Elasticity in Men

According to the company, the latest research shows that men have higher levels than women of the MMP9 enzyme that, among other things, is responsible for breaking down collagen. The researchers also established that men had less skin elasticity than women in all age groups. The experts conclude that skincare products tailored to the characteristic skin properties of the target group as well as the early use of anti-ageing skincare can help to improve skin and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Source: Shiseido, photo: Adobe Stock / Diego Cervo

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