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01/12/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Making Retinol More Stable and Safer

VitiSpheres R8 is Said to Prevent Skin Irritation From the Anti-Aging Substance

Clariant has introduced VitiSpheres R8, an encapsulated retinol that makes anti-aging products more effective and skin-friendly. According to the manufacturer, R8 allows the ingredient to be used in higher concentrations in creams and serums. The patented system reportedly protects the retinol from oxidation, makes it durable and ensures the stability of the formulations. In VitiSpheres R8, Retinol molecules are uniquely held within the solid-lipid core of a multilayered capsule. This enables a controlled, prolonged release of Retinol into the epidermis skin layer. Skin irritations due to incorrect dosage, for example, are thus avoided. Further information ...

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