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28/02/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Makeup with Jojoba and Cocoa Butter Doubles as Skincare

Schwan Cosmetics Introduces a New Product as Part of Its "Color & Care" Strategy

Schwan Cosmetics has introduced its vegan Glowy Blur Stick. According to the manufacturer, the makeup stick offers a combination of natural skin colour and skincare properties. The product is an extension of the "Color & Care" range designed to meet the demand for decorative cosmetics that also provide skincare.

The Formulation is Easy to Apply and Dispense

The stick is based on a light formulation similar to a serum. It contains skincare ingredients such as jojoba and cocoa butter that make the product simple to apply. According to the manufacturer, this makes it easy to use just the right amount and means it can be used in various applications. The stick is equally suitable for use as a concealer, highlighter or for natural contouring. Even if customers are not looking to wear a great deal of makeup, the formulation gives users a more radiant complexion even in small amounts.

The Stick is Also Available as Rouge

The company's "Color & Care" strategy aims to offer colour cosmetics products for faces, lips, eyes and eyebrows that also contain skincare ingredients. The range already includes the lipliner Power Up Your Pout with peptides and jojoba oil. The company plans to also launch the stick as a rouge.

Schwan Cosmetics
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