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27/03/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Lush Moves to Use Ocean Plastic

The Company and Packaging Partner Spectra Jointly Introduce Caps Made of Recycled Plastic Waste

Together with its packaging supplier Spectra Packaging, the British cosmetics brand Lush is equipping its transparent bottles with caps made of ocean plastic. This entails using plastics from the Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) programme, which collects plastic waste in vulnerable coastal areas and processes it into high-quality, certified recycled plastic.

Infrastructure Facilitates Supply and Traceability

According to the cosmetics manufacturer, POP is primarily synonymous with comprehensive waste management infrastructure that enables global markets to be supplied with recycled plastic while guaranteeing a high level of traceability. This means that the raw material can be tracked from where it was collected all the way to the sorting and recycling centres. POP reports that the programme prevents 1,000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every month.

Rollout in Europe to Be Followed by America and Asia

Together, Spectra and Lush are supplying the cosmetics brand's shops in Great Britain. Lush is also collaborating with local packaging partners in other countries to fit POP caps on its cosmetics bottles. This currently includes Germany and Croatia, with North America and Japan set to follow later this year.

Source: Lush

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