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04/11/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Long-Lasting Rosy Signals

Givaudan Grows Its Palette of Biodegradable Fragrance Precursors

Givaudan added Scentaurus Melrose to its range of sustainable fragrance precursors. According to the company, Melrose is a biodegradable molecule that delivers a long-lasting floral green effect with honey and linden blossom facets, and floral fresh rosy signals with powdery anisic undertones. A fragrance precursor is designed to release fragrant molecules upon exposure to a natural external trigger such as oxygen, light, or humidity in the air. The Scentaurus family of fragrance precursors has first been introduced in 2006 and has grown to currently include five fragrances. Further information …

Adobe Stock, Madeleine Steinbach
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