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23/03/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Living Skin Bacteria Instead Of Antibiotics

New Active Skin Care Against Acne Relies On the Skin's Own Cutibacterium

The Belgian company S-Biomedic has launched the active cosmetics range Sencyr. This system is aimed at patients suffering from acne-prone skin and utilises living skin bacteria to bring their own skin flora back into balance. According to the manufacturer, this probiotic active skin care provides an alternative to antibiotics and other medical antiacne treatments. Based on the skin’s own Cutibacterium, the probiotic reportedly modulates the skin microbiome, avoiding recurring acne cycles. The clinically tested system thus promotes the skin’s self-healing abilities.

Probiotics Mostly Use Strains That Are Foreign To The Skin

According to S-Biomedic, it has been shown that many supposed probiotic products on the cosmetics market do not contain any living bacteria whatsoever, or they use strains that are foreign to the skin, such as, for example, from the gut. The company aimed to be the first to harness the positive effects of live skin strains. The skin probiotics in Sencyr are activated only shortly before application and are therefore applied live to the skin. They are stimulating it to produce beneficial long-term compounds that help reduce breakouts and redness.

The Sencyr system is actively marketed in Germany and sold via the web shop of the manufacturer. Founded in 2014, the start-up cooperates with partners that include Beiersdorf and DSM and operates its research center in the JLABS incubator (Johnson & Johnson) in Beerse , Belgium.

Source: S-Biomedic Photo: Adobe, New Africa

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