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Lightweight Made of Glass

The New “Light” Range Is Designed to Save up to 30 Per Cent in Weight

Eurovetrocap has introduced its new glass packaging line “Light”. According to the manufacturer, this ecodesign range includes two bottles and a jar, which are significantly lighter than their counterparts from other product lines.

Extensive Range of Accessories Opens up a Wide Range of Applications

The 15 and 30 ml bottles respectively lost weight by 15 per cent and 22 per cent. They are available with different accessories. Among these are pumps, which are ideal for gels, fluid creams, or foundation, as well as the Makeup dropper, perfect for serums and illuminators. Additionally, the Makeup screwcap and its reducer are a perfect match for oils or delicate formulas. The 50 ml jar reportedly is 30 per cent lighter. It can be combined with the Stefy 50 lid, which is available in glossy, matte, or aluminium covered.

Less Raw Materials, Less Transport Volume

This lightweight strategy not only aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by reducing the quantity of raw materials required. It is also said to influence the entire logistics of the finished product, thanks to the reduction in weights and volumes transported.

Source: Eurovetrocap

Source: Eurovetrocap
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