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17/03/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Less Money, Less Showers

Rising Costs lead to Changing Consumer Habits

With a comparison of 15 countries in Europe, the market researchers of the GfK Institute show that 93 per cent of consumers have already changed their shopping behaviour as a result of tighter household budgets. This also applies to 89 per cent of consumers in Germany. The most common cost-cutting measure here is to use cheaper private labels (50 per cent). 47 per cent state that they simply shower or bathe for a shorter time or less frequently. The categories in which Germans are most concerned about rising prices and would like to adjust their behaviour include wellness and indulgence categories such as cosmetics (46 per cent). Consumer compensation strategies differ depending on the product category. Many want to do without alcoholic beverages altogether, while they want to buy cosmetic products less frequently or at lower prices. Further information …

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