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12/02/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Label Enabling Sustainable Purchase Decisions

L'Oréal Offers Specially Developed Rating System for Its Beauty Products

L'Oréal aims to use its own labelling system to inform about the ecological and social footprint of its beauty products. With this, the company wants to make it easier for its consumers to take sustainability factors into account when making purchasing decisions. "Product Environment & Social Impact Labelling" grades articles on a scale from A to E. The Group introduced the label in France last summer. It is now also available in Germany. The Garnier brand is launching the campaign via websites for its hair care products. Additional countries, brands and product categories are to follow.

Evaluation Based on Scientific Methods

L'Oréal states that they have collaborated with independent scientists to develop a method to scientifically assess the environmental impact of a product. It is based on the European Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) guidelines and on impact analyses using the Sustainable Product Optimisation Tool (SPOT). It was finally confirmed by external scientists and independent auditors from Bureau Veritas Certification, says L'Oréal.

The label takes into account 14 planetary impact factors, including for example greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, ocean acidification and biodiversity. Impacts on these spheres are measured and calculated for each phase of a product's life cycle. According to the group, it takes factors such as consumer use and the recyclability of the packaging into account, in addition to procurement, production and transport.

Accounting Social Dimensions

Furthermore, the company aims to use its label to provide information on the social aspects of a product. This includes ensuring that suppliers comply with the United Nations' Core Labour Standards, as well as the number of suppliers committed to solidarity-based procurement, for example through providing access to work and a sustainable income for people typically excluded from the labour market.

L'Oréal states that its methodology aims to promote a collaborative approach and engage in dialogue with other industry stakeholders. The aim is to establish a standard method of product labelling. The company has to this end published the full methodology on its website.

Source: L’Oréal, photo: XXX

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