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06/07/2022 CosmeticBusiness

It’s All About Well-Being

Turn Trends into Business: The Journey from Macro Movement to Beauty Trend

The theme of this year's CosmeticBusiness – "Turn Trends into Business" – was also reflected in the accompanying conference programme. Sarah Frech of Beautystreams, a market and trend research company, shed light on how mega trends in society can lead to developments in the beauty sector. Her presentation entitled "From Macro Movements to Beauty Categories Trends" showed how the "Joyology" movement is ultimately leading to specific product developments in the "Stop Age Anxiety" beauty trend.

"Joyology" Leads to "Humane Care"

According to Frech, a drive for joy and well-being will be among the major movements that shape our perception and understanding of beauty in the coming years. "Joyology" is a mega trend that highlights how the crisis has changed our value system. Consumers are turning their backs on the pursuit of status and mere job titles. Instead, we are seeing a growing demand for emotional health and psychological well-being, or in other words, for quality of life.

Market researchers from Beautystreams expect "Humane Care" to emerge from this movement as one of the most significant beauty trends with a focus on mindfulness of general health. Frech feels that this will especially involve redefining beauty and liberating it from psychological pressures. Consumers, for instance, expect beauty providers to take a stand against BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). This is a relatively common disorder in which those affected come to believe that their external appearance is deficient or fear they are disfigured.

"Stop Age Anxiety"

Frech placed particular emphasis on "Stop Age Anxiety", a trend derived from "Humane Care". To underline the importance of this issue, Frech explained that the UN had declared this to be the "Decade of Healthy Ageing". Analysts forecast that the market for corresponding beauty products will more than double during this time, from USD 194.4 bn to USD 422.8 bn. However, the main issue will no longer be a relentless battle against the signs of ageing. Instead, consumers will develop an increasingly positive attitude towards ageing and its effects on the hair and skin with a particular emphasis on promoting sustainable skin health.

More mature consumers, says Frech, are looking for products that support this positive way of thinking and are designed to ensure well-being. Even the Millennials in the next generation already have a new, "healthy" approach to ageing, she adds. They would like products that not only combat wrinkles but also influence skin health and therefore have a positive effect on the ageing process. There are numerous examples of products that show how this trend is already having an impact on the beauty industry.

Clear Development Goals for Beauty Products

Preserving a healthy glow and giving consumers the sense that they're doing something good: Sarah Frech of Beautystreams spoke at CosmeticBusiness about how macro trends like "Joyology" can be used to define clear development goals for beauty products. Rule number one: It's all about well-being.

The lecture is available to registered users in the media library at https://www.cosmetic-business.com/programm/cosmeticbusiness/4779.

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