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26/07/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Information on Sustainable Packaging Needed

New Study: Consumers Want Clear Information on Production, Materials and Recycling

Consumers would like better access to information on packaging's sustainable credentials when they are doing their shopping. This was revealed in the second edition of a study on sustainable packaging carried out by global strategy and marketing consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners. They analysed consumer attitudes to sustainable packaging and willingness to pay as part of a representative online survey in May and June of this year.

Information on the Packaging Itself is Best

Overall, almost one in three consumers prefer sustainable packaging. The study revealed that 66 per cent of respondents would like to see information about sustainability placed on the label itself. 20 per cent preferred the information to be at the point of sale or in the product description when buying through an online shop. Almost 30 per cent rely on independent certificates and labels, the most trusted of which is the Federal Government's "Blue Angel'' independent ecolabel.

"Our previous study in March revealed that just eleven per cent of consumers felt they were well-informed", explains Dr Daniel Bornemann, an expert on paper and packaging and a partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners. "We need to close this knowledge gap. The results of the current study clearly show that paper and packaging manufacturers need to better communicate the benefits of their sustainable packaging." This should ideally be done as directly as possible on the packaging itself as well as at the point of sale, Bornemann continues.

Packaging Carbon Footprint Is Not of Interest

According to the study, various factors are interesting to consumers. Information on how to recycle the packaging is just as important as facts about fair production methods (37 per cent of respondents for each). The study also revealed biodegradability (35 per cent) and material origin (29 per cent) as further relevant factors. Only a small number of consumers are aware of the connection between packaging and carbon emissions (18 per cent).

Source: Simon-Kucher & Partners, Photo: Adobe Stock, #144052148

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