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10/11/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Increasing Demand for Refillable Deodorants

New Market Study Predicts 7 per Cent Annual Growth for the Next Seven Years

Refillable deodorants are now showing strong growth worldwide. The Grand View Research agency is expecting revenues in this segment to increase annually by an average of 7.1 per cent between 2023 and 2030. According to expert predictions, the market is currently worth 198.3 million US dollars.

Responsible Consumption and Increased Body Care

The market researchers use the term "refillable deodorants" to refer to both refillable spray deodorants and refillable stick deodorants. The analysts state that their prediction of such high demand is based on the shift in consumer interest towards a more environmentally friendly and responsible approach to product usage. This new approach goes hand in hand with a similar increase in the value placed on personal care.

Manufacturers are trying to meet this demand with innovative and eco-friendly solutions. One recent example is Respray's spray refill system, which enables consumers to continue using their preferred deodorant format. The concept is based on special refill stations in chemist's shops and supermarkets where customers can refill their deodorants.

Refillable Sticks to Increase in Popularity

Currently, sprays are the preferred packaging type in the refill segment. In 2022, their market share was 60 per cent. However, deodorant sticks are expected to catch up. The market researchers have predicted an average annual growth of 8.4 per cent until 2030. This would make sticks the fastest-growing product category.

Source: Grand View Research

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