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22/06/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Increased Sustainability for Private Label Brands

Douglas Focuses on Clean Beauty and the Efficient Use of Raw Materials

Clean beauty and natural cosmetics are to be the main focus of Douglas private label brands. Alongside other targets, the company has defined qualitative and quantitative goals to achieve this. The process will be documented in a sustainability report and the latest edition has just been published.

Company Aims to Be Climate Neutral by 2025

Key topics to be addressed include the reduction of CO2 emissions, the efficient use of resources and a sustainable product range. Therefore, the retail group has set a goal of at least halving CO2 emissions from its business operations by the end of 2025 in comparison to the base year in 2019. To achieve climate neutrality, Douglas plans to offset unavoidable emissions by 2025 in compliance with certified standards.

Furthermore, the company aims to increase efficiency in the use of raw materials. To protect resources, it hopes to increase the proportion of recycled materials and cut the amount of waste it produces.

Fewer Returns, More Clean Beauty

According to Douglas, there has been a positive development in the percentage of e-commerce returns. The volume of returns fell by about a third between 2019 and 2021 and now applies to 4.4 percent of deliveries. In Germany, any returned products that cannot be resold but are suitable for donation are given to non-profit organisations.

All clean beauty products across the entire range are now marked with a special label. At a production level, Douglas itself intends to drive forward the sustainability of its private label brand ranges. The company says that almost all new private label products launched since 2020 are micro-plastic free. Over 40 percent of all products launched in the 2021/22 financial year can be allocated to the clean beauty category. And 85 percent of Douglas brands are produced in the EU.

Source: Douglas

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