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26/01/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Increased Sales Thanks To Successful Research

Dr Wolff Group Relies on Science-Based Product Development

The results of the last financial year show an increase in sales revenue from 357.2 million euros to 363.2 million euros for the Dr Wolff Group. According to the German company, 2022 was the year when business normalised after three pandemic years. The salon sector recovered and the Alpecin brand was able to expand its market leadership in male hair care products.

An Ambitious Sales Target Generated by Optimism

The group is optimistic about 2023 despite difficult market conditions and hopes to achieve sales of more than 400 million euros. The company is basing its forecast on new scientific data and plans for innovative products. Managing partner Eduard R. Dörreberg has announced the launch of an Alpecin shampoo with long-term grey-hair reduction effects. Further plans include a new cream for itchy skin and neurodermatitis as well as an extension of the present range of gynaecological products. In addition, the company intends to roll out a topical medicinal cream for severe axillary hyperhidrosis (extreme underarm perspiration).

Further research is underway on dental health with a focus on hydroxyapatite to target the new and widespread disease of porous "chalky" teeth, or MIH. This disease already affects roughly one in three 12-year-old children, the company explains.

Discovery of a New Ingredient for Hair Care Products

Dr Wolff aims to continue work on the use of caffeine in hair care products. According to the group, researchers in Italy have recently discovered that the use of caffeine can not only reduce hair loss, but also produce significantly more hair in the growth phase. Dr Wolff is currently working on a formula for an ingredient that has not yet been used in hair care products and is thought to reinforce the effect of caffeine. The product developers expect results this year.

Source: Dr. Wolff Group

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