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Hyaluronic Acid with Minimal Environmental Impact

Givaudan Boosts the Sustainability Credentials by Leveraging Precision Fermentation

According to Givaudan Active Beauty, the company has advanced the sustainability of hyaluronic acid production with its product PrimalHyal 50 Life. The manufacturer states that the environmental impact of the new product is 91 per cent lower than products manufactured using previous methods. The company harnesses microbial strains and precision fermentation.

Carbon Is Obtained from Local Sources in a Biorefinery

The company says that bio-fermentation is one of the topics it has been researching for over three decades. It aims to make the hyaluronic acid molecule and its production more sustainable. This involves fermenting microorganisms from local carbon sources such as sugar from wheat or sugar beet in a biorefinery.

New Ingredient Deeply Penetrates the Skin

With PrimalHyal 50 Life, Givaudan has now unveiled the result of its new production method. The company claims that the ingredient can boost skin hydration for up to 72 hours, reduce skin roughness by 66 per cent in one month and penetrate the skin up to a depth of 120 µm.

Source: Givaudan

Givaudan Active Beauty
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