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High-End Cosmetics Made From Wastewater

How Water From Textile Dyeing Is Used for Healthy and Healing Skin Care

German-Japanese start-up Aizome has launched a skincare product called Wastecare. It is made using wastewater from the company's textile dyeing factory. According to Aizome, the exclusive use of plant-based materials, water and ultrasound technology instead of synthetic chemicals in the fabric dyeing process makes this possible. The product is the result of a joint project together with the consulting agency Serviceplan Innovation which provided the idea, strategy and marketing campaign.

Indigo Blue Dye Is Anti-Inflammatory

Traditional plant-based textile dyeing methods have been used for thousands of years. However, colours fade fast without chemical finishing, which has rendered them unsuitable for modern mass production until now. Using a patented technology called "Aizome Ultra", the company applies ultrasound technology instead of chemicals to bind the plant molecules to the fabric fibres. Aizome is able to draw on a wide spectrum of medicinal plants with both healing and colourant properties. Indigo turns products blue while at the same time reducing inflammation. Rubia is used to extract red pigments that can relieve menstrual pain.

All Wastewater Used Complies with Cosmetics Safety Standards

According to the United Nations, chemical dyes are the second highest cause of global water pollution. More than 1,500 synthetic chemicals, from formaldehyde to heavy metals, are used in dyeing and finishing products. In 79 per cent of contact dermatitis cases, the cause can be traced back to such chemicals. Aizome explains that from farming the ingredients to finishing the products, its production process is 100 per cent chemical free. All wastewater taken from the dyeing process is analysed and certified in accordance with ecotoxicological and cosmetics safety standards, the company continues.

Source: Aizome

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