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20/03/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Givaudan Diffuses the Scent of White Flowers

A New Ingredient Combines Muguet and Linden Blossom

Givaudan has unveiled Nympheal. According to the company, this is a new molecule with a robust white floral profile. Nympheal is said to offer a fresh and opulent muguet ingredient with a hint of linden blossom, adding volume, floral creaminess, and excellent diffusion to fragrance compositions. It reportedly will enable perfumers to create various cross-category applications. Nympheal is a biodegradable molecule that follows the guidelines set by the OECD, the company states. It was developed according to the Principles of Green Chemistry, and in line with a Safe by Design approach. Further information …

Adobe Stock, Yvonne Schwan
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