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Ginseng Peptides Ensure Ageless Beauty

CycloRetin Is Similar to Retinol and Already Highly Effective in Low Concentrations

Swiss chemical company Clariant has launched a new, naturally-derived active ingredient for use in skincare. CycloRetin is extracted from Prince ginseng. It uses heterophyllin B, a cyclic peptide which is said to reinforce skin structure and improve collagen production. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredient is able to reduce signs of ageing.

Low-Dosage Peptides Can Contribute to a Youthful Appearance

CycloRetin works in a similar way to Retinol or Bakuchiol, the company explains. It is water-soluble and is highly effective even in low concentrations. This type of low-dosage peptide is thought to play a crucial role in supporting youthful skin appearance.

First Formulations With CycloRetin Are Marketed

The manufacturer has introduced "Firming Mask" and "Mark Mist" as the first skincare formulations that make use of the new active ingredient.

Source: Clariant

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