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09/02/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Formulating More Sustainable Perfumes

EcoScent Compass Launches With Extended Data

Swiss fragrance manufacturer Firmenich has updated its EcoScent Compass. The tool is intended to make it easier to formulate sustainable perfumes. The new "Next Generation" version offers extended data on the sustainability of fragrances.

80 Data Points Guide Eco-Friendly Design

According to the manufacturer, the tool contains data on 45 fragrances and 20 ingredients. Perfumers at Firmenich can use over 80 data points provided by the tool to evaluate each ingredient, optimising the formulation process from the beginning based on three sustainability factors: circular economy, climate and nature, and social impact.

Externally Verifiable Data

The company launched the first version of EcoScent Compass in 2018. The manufacturer describes it as a science-based and digitally-integrated tool. Firmenich relies on precise and verifiable sustainability data for its tool. This data is not only available within the company itself but is also shared across its network of suppliers and partners.

Source: Firmenich

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