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Flocked, Formed and Fit For Recycling

The "Flock Box" Matches the Properties of Plastics

Holmen Iggesund has introduced a premium packaging solution that is fully recyclable with a luxury flocked-fibre appearance. The "Flock Box" is made from paperboard and, according to the manufacturer, can be used as a gift box for cosmetics, electronic items or jewellery.

Flocked Cellulose Fibre Gives a Velvety Feel

The packaging design consists of an embossed outer box and an inner tray which is formed to the exact shape required to hold the relevant product. The insert is made from a formable type of paperboard called "Inverform". As a result, it can be formed to fit any desired shape. The box takes its name from the plastic-free flocking process used to make the insert. The technology used during this process involves applying static electric currents to make cellulose fibres stand up. This creates a surface that looks and feels like velvet. According to the company, the fibres can be coloured in any shade required.

Cooperation Along The Production Chain Makes Innovation Possible

Holmen Iggesund developed the "Flock Box" together with the flocking specialist Krekelberg, the mechanical engineering company Inmace Solutions and the packaging manufacturer Van de Velde Packaging. The companies say they wanted to get together to prove that sustainable packaging solutions for the future are best created by forming partnerships along the value chain.

Source: Holmen Iggesund

Holmen Iggesund
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