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07/04/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Finding Just the Right Fragrance

EEG and Algorithms Make This Possible in YSL Shops

L'Oréal has agreed on a strategic partnership with Emotiv, a company that specialises in neurotechnologies. The partners state that the cooperation aims to make it easier for consumers to make personalised fragrance purchasing decisions. To achieve this, they combine a device developed by Emotiv with fragrances and algorithms from L'Oréal.

Understanding the Relationship Between Fragrances and Emotions

The concept was developed by the L'Oréal Technology Incubator, luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent and a team of fragrance experts together with Emotiv. The new approach uses an EEG-based multisensory headset. This applies machine learning algorithms to analyse consumers' EEG readings as they experience different fragrances. The system thus records the behaviour and preferences of the user as well as stress and attention levels. The partners hope that this will enable consumers to find a personal fragrance that reflects their feelings.

Mood is a Crucial Factor in Choosing a Perfume

According to L'Oréal, 77 per cent of consumers expect the fragrances they wear to provide them with additional emotional benefits. According to the group, its studies also revealed that perfume users associate different emotions with their scent preferences, such as happiness or relaxation. As a consequence, more than half of the surveyed users under the age of 34 select fragrances to wear based on their mood. In initial tests of the new technology, the company claims to have found the perfect perfume of choice for 95 per cent of test subjects.

The new concept is expected to be available in all Yves Saint Laurent flagship stores worldwide by 2023.

Source, photo: L'Oréal

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