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16/03/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Expenses seem to be planned more Precisely

Study shows more Economy in Skin and Body Care

Austrian consumers spend less on skin and body care. According to the Austrian platform cosmetics transparent, this is a result that the market research institute GfK determined in its annual study on the shopping behaviour of Austrian households. Accordingly, in 2022 the average expenditure for hair care (43.70 euros vs. 44.60 euros in 2021) and skin care (74.70 euros vs. 76.20 euros) fell slightly. The customer reach declined, especially for shampoos (-4.3 percentage points) and bath additives (-2.7 percentage points). The winners include deodorants (+1.2 percentage points) and hair styling products (+0.9 percentage points), according to the study. Interest in natural or nature-related cosmetics also declined slightly. Here, the number of shoppers decreased by 0.8 percentage points, while total spending per household increased from 53.00 euros to 53.50 euros. Further information …

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