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11/02/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Exchangeable Roll-On Capsules With A Glass Ball

Aptar Develops Packaging Innovation for Facial Care Based on Light

Packaging manufacturer Aptar has developed roll-ons for the LightinDerm facial care device as exchangeable capsules for applying different serums. It is based on the airless principle and includes a piston specially developed for this application, the company claims.

Roll-On for Serum and Light

The capsules contain photoactive serums. When placed on the LightinDerm, this activates the beneficial ingredients in the serums by means of three types of regenerative light. By massaging lightly using the glass roll-on ball, users should experience regeneration and rejuvenation of their skin, claims the device's creators, Paris Santé Cochin.

According to the packaging manufacturer, the challenge was to preserve the capsules' contents with a reliable seal while ensuring the most efficient light diffusion through the capsule. Aptar adds that this new product on the market is based on a – secret – combination of three materials. The manufacturer states that the capsules are fully recyclable.

Trend Towards Professional Skincare at Home

The company identifies a growing trend in applications such as LightinDerm. Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for solutions that provide professional salon-level skin care on a daily basis at home.

Source: Aptar, photo: XXX

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