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20/05/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Douglas Is Number One for "eVisibility"

Study Examines the Online Visibility of Perfume Products and Companies

The Douglas beauty platform has the highest visibility among online perfume traders. This is the result of a survey called "eVisibility Parfümerie 2022" carried out by Research Tools, a German market research agency. Researchers looked at the top 100 perfume sellers and examined their presence in the five online categories of organic search engine results, paid search, comparison sites, social media and Amazon marketplace. In total, they analysed the visibility of 297 sellers.

Specialty Retailers Achieved the Highest Visibility

The result was that specialty retailers are most visible, with an online share of 27 per cent. Manufacturers and drug stores each contributed 19 per cent to the so-called "eVisibility". Of the companies with the highest visibility, four in ten are perfume shops. Douglas came top of the list followed by flaconi.de, parfumdreams.de and pieper.de. Nivea and Chanel lead the rankings for manufacturers. There are 7 companies in this list that were visible for the first time and are now amongst the top 30. They include sephora.de and schuback-parfuemerien.de.

Comparison Sites Are the Most Significant Channel

The researchers discovered that comparison sites and social media are the most important channels, with 31 per cent of the companies surveyed able to achieve visibility via comparison sites. Visibility in social media channels was 24 per cent. Here, the most significant platform for online visibility of perfume products and companies was YouTube with 65 per cent. When considering sales channels, the study takes a closer look at the Amazon international marketplace. It found that German specialty retailers were able to retain 72 per cent of the total online visibility of all companies covered in the survey.

Source: Research Tools Photo: Adobe Stock, 415616267

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