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16/04/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Daily Digital Life is Harmful to Skin Barrier

A Study by Shiseido Has Identified Citrus Fruits That Can Protect Skin from "Digital Fatigue"

The phenomenon of "digital fatigue" is also having an effect on the skin. These were the findings of a study conducted by the Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido. The study examined whether and how stress situations triggered by overstimulation from digital media has an impact on the appearance of skin. Sure enough, according to the company, the skin barrier function deteriorated in the test subjects. The study also revealed shikuwasa extract to be a suitable means of strengthening the skin barrier.

Overstimulation Causes an Increase in Oxidative Pollutants

The study simulated a typical everyday digital life situation, according to the company. The subjects were asked to process a large amount of audiovisual information simultaneously, repeating this process for several days in a row. Shiseido found that the study participants were not only physically and mentally fatigued over the period. The company also found an increase in porphyrin and irregular corneocytes in the skin and damage to the skin barrier.

Asian Citrus Fruit Boosts Enzyme Formation

Based on these results, the manufacturer identified caspase-14 as a suitable basis for skin treatments for "digital fatigue". The enzyme plays an important role in the formation of corneocytes, which are responsible for the skin's protective function and regulation of moisture. Shikuwasa is one active ingredient that enhances caspase-14, according to Shiseido. Shikuwasa is an East Asian citrus fruit (Citrus depressa) that is rich in anti-oxidant flavonoids. The company claims that the extract is therefore a suitable means of protecting skin from the effects of "digital fatigue".

Source, photo: Shiseido

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