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Cosmetics “Made in Leipzig”

Beiersdorf Starts Production at New Plant Located in The Heart of Europe

Beiersdorf has started cosmetics production at its new plant in Leipzig-Seehausen. Deodorants, hair sprays and shaving foams sold under brand names Nivea, 8x4 and Hidrofugal are now being produced here for the European market. The company, by its own account, has invested nearly 300 million euros in the state-of-the-art and sustainable production centre. Together with the logistics hub being erected on a neighbouring property, the plant reportedly represents the manufacturer’s largest global investment in a single location.

Automated And digitalised Processes Bring Flexibility

At the plant, production technology that includes fully automated and digitalised processes are used. The group states that by this, it has nearly doubled its productivity level. In Leipzig, Beiersdorf uses automated intralogistics systems and robotics to perform filling and packing jobs. Virtual reality is also being used to train employees. This focus is said to enable the production centre to react agilely to new technologies, consumer needs and market developments.

Five Production Lines Planned in Leipzig

According to the group, four production lines will go into operation this year, and a fifth one will be started by 2024. Up to 450 million cosmetic products reportedly can then be produced, filled and packed each year. Beiersdorf now operates 14 production locations on five continents around the world.

Source: Beiersdorf

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