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Consumers Want Cosmetics That Boost Well-Being

McKinsey Report Reveals That "Clean Beauty" and "Anti-Ageing" Are Not Everything

Greater efficacy and longevity – consumers are looking for these two key factors, according to McKinsey's 2024 wellness report. The findings in the report are primarily based on a survey of UK, US and Chinese consumers, which the international consulting firm uses to derive trends applicable to global cosmetics brands.

Trend 1: "Clinically Proven" Tops "Clean"

The clinical effectiveness of cosmetics is increasingly important to consumers. Those surveyed in the UK and US even deemed clinically proven personal care products more important than clean beauty. That does not mean that clean beauty is no longer in demand, the consultants say. Instead, it demonstrates that the effectiveness of cosmetics products comes first for users. The analysts therefore recommend that brands reformulate their products in line with clean beauty standards or develop and provide access to relevant studies and scientific evidence.

Trend 2: "Longevity" Instead of "Anti-Ageing"

Personal care products that help consumers stay healthy and live longer are growing in popularity. The report states that 60 per cent of those surveyed considered it "very" or "extremely" important to use products or services that facilitate healthy ageing and longevity. Roughly 70 per cent of respondents in the UK and US and 85 per cent in China reported that they had purchased these types of products more frequently than in prior years.

Source: GCI Magazine / McKinsey

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