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Colour Cosmetics Are Becoming More Multifunctional

The Products Expected to Dictate the German Makeup Market in 2023

The beginning of a new year is always the time to predict the year's up-and-coming trends. Market researchers at Mintel have examined the German makeup market and made their predictions on the developments that will dictate the market in 2023.

Hybrid Features Are in Demand

The most significant trend will be the growing demand for so-called "hybrid" products, the consultants advise. This term refers to products that already have a mix of features as well as the addition of new benefits to familiar product formats. For instance, the agency's most recent survey showed that the majority of cosmetics users are interested in colour cosmetics with ingredients that claim to be good for their skin. According to the market researchers, the key here is to understand the needs of the individual target groups. Demand is especially high for anti-ageing and protective formulas, as well as products that combat acne.

Foundations Should Provide UV Protection

A further trend is colour cosmetics products with UV protection. Accordingly, one in three foundations that were introduced to the market between January and September 2022 contained UV-protective ingredients. Likewise, more than two in five makeup consumers would also like their foundation to include such protection. The consultants also emphasise that there is great potential for innovations such as skin microbiota that can reverse the negative effects of damaging UV rays.

The Market Power of the "Best Agers"

Mintel's third focal point is the market significance of more mature consumers. The analysts' study showed that 34 per cent of female makeup customers aged between 55 and 64 enjoy experimenting with colour cosmetics. This target group could be reached via in-store consultations emphasising the anti-ageing effects and via specially-targeted sections of online shops or apps. 26 per cent of this target group are interested in finding tips online.

Source: Mintel

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