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09/03/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Circularity for Plastics

Collection System to Recycle Plastic Cosmetics Packaging Launched in Japan

The system called "BeauRing" is a new sustainability project created by Shiseido. The Japanese cosmetics manufacturer has set up the project with the aim of establishing a collection and recycling system for its plastic packaging. An initial pilot project in Yokohama is scheduled to start in April. Consumers will then be able to return their empty Shiseido products to selected stores, where the packaging will be collected and subsequently recycled.

"BeauRing" Is Designed to Make Recycling Easy for Consumers

During this first stage, collecting the packaging has deliberately been kept as simple as possible. The empty products do not need to be washed. They can also be returned together with any components such as lids or sponges. Usually, only washed and sorted packaging items can be returned for recycling but Shiseido's new collection points are designed to ensure high consumer participation. If the pilot study is successful, the company plans to extend the programme to include more regions and additional distribution channels.

Fellow Industry Players Are Invited to Join the Recycling System

The "BeauRing" recycling system is intended to be open to other cosmetics manufacturers, the company continues. The first of these additional players is a company called Pola, which is part of Pola Orbis Holdings. Pola will also work together with Shiseido on additional sustainability projects.

Source: Shiseido

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