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30/11/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Chinese Consumers Love Beauty Devices

Sales of Devices to Improve Skin Texture Continue to Increase in the Middle Kingdom

Beauty devices are becoming ever more popular in China. Euromonitor International has ascertained that the Chinese market for small personal care devices has grown by an annual average of 4.8 per cent over the last five years to reach a total of 5.6 billion US dollars today. According to the market researchers, such devices are experiencing particularly strong growth in the beauty sector where demand is higher than the global average.

Beauty Devices Enhance the Effectiveness of Cosmetics

The devices are used for treating acne and allergies as well as cleansing and lightening the skin. Chinese consumers use beauty devices primarily to boost the effectiveness of skincare products, the analysts say. Manufacturers are increasingly investing in the product pairing of beauty devices with skincare products. Lancôme, for example, has an anti-ageing device in its portfolio that is used together with a serum. Furthermore, the Chinese brand QuasarMD packages complete skincare kits consisting of cosmetics and a device.

Apps For Personalised Applications of Skin Devices

An additional trend is "intelligent personalisation". Some devices use a visual skin analysis conducted by a mobile app to customise the device's function to individual users' needs. The Chinese brand OGP has such a device for "photorejuvenation" that can send out various wavelengths of photons to reduce impurities and improve the skin. On the basis of an evaluation by the accompanying app, users can individually customise their treatment programme including mode of use, duration and recommended wavelengths.

High-Frequency Devices Must Be Registered as Medical Products From 2024

The market researchers predict that next year will bring some shifts in China's market for beauty devices. On 1 April 2024, regulations come into effect that classify high-frequency devices as medical products with the highest level of risk. Devices that cannot show proof of registration as a medical product may then no longer be sold or imported. Top brands within China have already begun undertaking clinical studies.

Source: Euromonitor International

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