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24/06/2022 CosmeticBusiness

"Care for whatever you want"

Haka Wins Two German Brand Awards With "Euterpflege" (Udder Cream) Campaign

Haka won in two categories at this year's German Brand Awards for the brand relaunch campaign for its “Euterpflege” (udder care cream). The manufacturer of sustainable home cleaning and body care products collected the awards for "Excellence in Brand Strategy & Creation" and "Brand Communication – 360° Campaign".

According to the company, the udder care skin cream is based on a decades-old recipe that has stood the test of time. It really was originally developed for use on the chapped udders and teats of dairy cows. The product has now been slightly modified for use on especially dry, sensitive and raw skin, the manufacturer explains.

Head-Turner on All Channels

The company drew attention on all channels in September and October 2021 with the claim, "Pfleg doch, was du willst," ("Care for whatever you want"). With striking models, colours and key visuals, every shot was designed to catch the eye. A new website included campaign videos and plenty of animated graphics. The company also made use of cooperation with influencers, set up a separate Instagram account and put videos on YouTube to generate interest on the leading social media networks. In order to make the campaign visible in cities, they also laid out postcards with various designs in restaurants and cafes and distributed free samples in pedestrian zones and as inserts in shipping packages. Finally, according to the manufacturer, the brand appeared in more than 1,500 digital and classical advertising spaces in large cities throughout Germany.

Source: Haka

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