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26/04/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Bitter-Sweet Synergy for Sensitive Skin

Amaretine Combines Bitter and Sweet Components to Protect the Skin's Barrier

With its new active ingredient Amaretine, Swiss company Lipoid Kosmetik aims to utilise the power of bitter substances. The manufacturer explains that the new concept involves combining a bitter component with a sweet one within a liposomal carrier system so the two elements can synergistically protect and strengthen sensitive skin.

More Lipids, Less Inflammation

The bitter element, andrographolide, is used to promote the production of lipids that help to regenerate the skin barrier. The "sweet" component, glycyrrhizinic acid, helps to fight inflammation. The combination of the two creates an active agent that can strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and soothe any uncomfortable skin sensitivity. The manufacturer states that the product strengthens sensitive skin overall.

Positive Skin Feel Confirmed in Tests

According to the company, effectiveness has been confirmed by both in-vitro and in-vivo testing. Furthermore, Amaretine users said in a consumer survey that the product helped to make their skin feel less sensitive.

Source: Lipoid Kosmetik

Lipoid Kosmetik
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