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Bioactive Glass Powder as an Ammonia Alternative

The Biocompatible Ingredient Is Said to Enable a New Generation of Hair Dye

Schott is offering bioactive glass powder as an ammonia alternative. According to the German company, its product Vitryxx is as fine as baby powder, odourless, soothing to the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is bioactive glass (INCI name: calcium sodium phosphosilicate), which is already used in numerous products such as makeup, creams, and nail care products. Now, it enables new formulations of hair dyes. Now it is said to enable new formulations for hair dye products.

Biocompatible and pH-Boosting

Despite being a synthetic substance, the basic building blocks of bioactive glass are natural and necessary components of our body like silicon, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. Because of its ability to increase the pH value of a formula, glass powder can open the hair cuticle, which allows colour molecules to penetrate hair cells more easily.

Odourless and Equally Colouring

Classic alkalizing agents such as ammonia or 2-ethanolamine produce unpleasant, pungent odours, and can also cause skin irritation. With odourless glass powder, these disadvantages are said to be a thing of the past. In scientific tests, hair dyes with Vitryxx show at least the same dyeing results compared to conventional formulations and, according to corresponding studies, are also significantly more skin-friendly,

Source: Schott

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