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17/06/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Bio-Based Barrier With No Residual Microplastics

New Material to Be Used in Packaging for Water-Based Cosmetics

A unique new bio-based barrier material developed by Sulapac can be used in packaging for water-based cosmetics. According to the manufacturer, it biodegrades without leaving any residual microplastics. They have filed a patent application for the material.

The company states that even though around 90 per cent of cosmetics contain water-based emulsions, there are currently no biodegradable packaging alternatives available that leave no permanent microplastic residue. The barrier complies with industry standards. The manufacturer states that an emulsion in a four-part Sulapac jar suffers only 1.3 per cent barrier loss after twelve weeks at 40 °C, for example. Typically, 3 per cent would be an acceptable weight loss for cosmetics packaging.

Various Recycling Methods Available

Changing over from conventional plastics is easy, the company claims. The material is a drop-in solution for mass production on existing plastic processing lines. Its natural look and pleasing feel are further distinguishing features, says Sulapac.

Industrial composting is currently the most common recycling method for products made from Sulapac material. Other possible options are mechanical and chemical recycling, they explain. The manufacturer also claims to be working on a circular economy system. The pilot scheme "Take Back Sulapac" is due to start soon.

Source, photo: Sulapac

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