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21/02/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Beauty Is … Eternal and Always Unique

Douglas Launches a New Brand Campaign

With the international "Beauty is ..." campaign, Douglas is presenting its new brand image. The beauty retailer is using new imagery for its campaign and featuring pictures from Australian photographer Chris Colls who is known for his authentic images, the company explains. The new faces of the campaign include the German actors Diane Kruger and Elyas M'Barek.

Stimulus for Individual Interpretation

With "Beauty is ...", the retail group is aiming to provide inspiration for the individual interpretation of beauty. The claim hopes to encourage people to adopt a broadly-based perception of the term, which can stand for self-confidence, gratefulness and passion but also for joy, love, attitude and much more.

Well-Known Names and Faces

The theme of the campaign is embodied by Hollywood star Diane Kruger and successful actor Elyas M'Barek as well as the models Ajok Madel and Alexandra Agoston. They were chosen by Douglas for their exceptional charisma and authenticity in front of the camera. The company was able to secure Chris Colls as the photographer and creative director for the campaign. He will follow in the footsteps of Peter Lindbergh, whose images have shaped the Douglas brand image for the past five years.

Source: Douglas

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