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Beautiful Skin With Fibrillin and an AI-Optimised Peptide

Two New Ingredients Provide Greater Elasticity and a Threefold Approach to Treating Acne

LipoTrue has presented a new generation of natural cosmetics ingredients. The company's Fragments Remastered are derived from vertically farmed wild plants. The first products within this line were the collagens Col-4-frag remastered and Col-frag remastered. Frag-Brillin remastered is a new addition.

Frag-Brillin Strengthens Elastic Fibres

The ingredient Frag-Brillin is a biomimetic fragment of fibrillin. It is designed to repair the skin's elasticity by strengthening its elastic fibres. It also improves cellular elasticity and strengthens dermal structure, thereby promoting the remodelling of the skin.

SP[AI]3 Modulates Sebum, Pores and Infections

The company has also added SP[AI]3 to its portfolio. This new active ingredient for acne-prone skin includes a peptide optimised using artificial intelligence (AI). The AI selected it from thousands of substances with the required properties. According to the manufacturer, the peptide simultaneously addresses three key elements of acne treatment. It lowers sebum levels and reduces pore size and clogging while also decreasing the amount of inflammation. This results in skin that is free of spots and blemishes, says LipoTrue.

Source: LipoTrue

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