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01/09/2022 CosmeticBusiness

BASF Investing in Red Seaweed

The Algae Species is Suitable As an Ingredient in Cosmetics

BASF has acquired a stake in a leading processor of red seaweed. Together with the Dutch investment fund Aqua-Spark, which specialises in aquaculture, the group is investing in the Indian company Sea6 Energy. With this investment, Sea6 Energy reportedly will complete its Series B transaction amounting to the equivalent of around 18.5 million US dollars. Red seaweed grows mainly in tropical waters in Asia. Biomass from the fast-growing algae species is suitable as a raw material for a variety of applications, for example as a gelling ingredient in the food industry or as an ingredient in cosmetics. Only a small proportion of the commercially offered seaweed comes from wild collections. Most of it is grown in farms, particularly in Asia. Further information …

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