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12/11/2021 CosmeticBusiness

Anti-Ageing for Hair

Opportunities in Japan's Growing Market

Japan is one of the growing markets for anti-ageing haircare products. According to market researchers at Mintel, the island state has climbed to 6th place in the market ranking for the most product launches in this segment. However, the analysts' assessment indicates that there is still plenty of room for further growth. In Japan, a mere 5 per cent of newly launched products are anti-ageing haircare products, compared to 25 per cent in the number one market Brazil.

Catering to the Target Group's Needs

The market researchers conclude that Japan really does offer plentiful opportunities in this product segment. The data from Mintel show that 41 per cent of consumers use beauty products to prevent signs of ageing. Meanwhile, 80.2 per cent of female consumers find it difficult to talk openly about topics such as thinning or loss of hair. Mintel therefore sees an opportunity for brand manufacturers to address the target group's problems and needs with suitable products.

Examples of such product launches can be found in Mintel's GNDP (Global New Products Database). Among them are Waphyto Scalp Lotion, made with plant ingredients, or the almost medicinal Michiru Pro Hair + Scalp Hair Growth Tonic, both of which aim to combat dry and thinning hair.

Market Opportunities for Services and Oil Products

Some brands are going one step further by offering their target groups consultations and diagnoses for hair problems. Mintel points to Japanese wig manufacturer Aderans as well as beauty company Kose. The latter offers hair diagnosis using a digital system in its concept store. Based on image processing, this objectively evaluates hair type, condition, volume and level of damage.

Mintel sees the use of oil in hair care products as a significant trend. Such products are becoming ever more popular in Japan. The market researchers thus recommend focussing on corresponding formulations for the scalp that can be used in pre-shampoos and leave-in and rinse-off applications. In addition to the anti-ageing effect, these could also help to protect against heat, humidity and UV rays.

Source: Mintel, Photo: Adobe Stock, Piotr Marcinski

Source: Mintel

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