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31/03/2023 CosmeticBusiness

An Active Ingredient With Sunlight Inside

Looking Radiantly Beautiful With Rootness Mood+

With Rootness Mood+, the Swiss chemical company Clariant has introduced an active ingredient which claims to provide the same positive effects on the health of our skin as sunlight.

It is well-known that natural light has the ability to literally brighten our mental mood and help improve sleep. Conversely, people who are rarely exposed to sunlight often suffer from low moods such as the winter blues as well as a lack of vitamin D.

Better Mood, Better Complexion

According to the manufacturer, the new active ingredient Rootness Mood+ is able to both improve mental health and ensure an even complexion. It stimulates the photoreceptors in the skin and can enhance the effect of vitamin D on the skin. This leads to an overall reactivation of the natural radiance, the company explains.

Using the sustainable 'Plant Milking' process patented by Clariant, Rootness Mood+ is obtained from the roots of the great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis). The plant belongs to the rose family and is primarily used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Source: Clariant

Adobe Stock, JenkoAtaman
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