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AI Continues to Change How We Experience Beauty

Estée Lauder and Microsoft Are Intensifying Their Cooperation

Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) and Microsoft are planning to establish an innovation laboratory for artificial intelligence (AI). Together, they intend to use the technology to strengthen their contact with ELC's target groups and speed up the development of products with local relevance. At the same time, the partners hope to drive forward the reshaping of the cosmetics industry using generative AI.

Personalised Customer Experiences With a Chatbot

The companies say they have already developed a generative AI chatbot designed to help make marketing activities more effective. It will also help to expand and make more targeted use of the comprehensive ELC database of products and claims. This should result in the creation of personalised, locally relevant customer experiences and campaigns.

Shorter Lead Times for Research and Development

The companies also state that they aim to use AI to speed up research and development. Researchers and product developers can then respond faster to the latest product and ingredient trends. 'Generative AI' refers to technology that is able to create new content.

ELC and Microsoft's collaboration began in 2017. In 2023, it resulted in the speech-controlled makeup assistant VMA, an app that helps visually impaired users apply makeup more safely.

Source: Estée Lauder Companies

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