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16/03/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Ageing With Grace

Six Strategies for Brands to Approach the Pro-Ageing Trend

The anti-ageing trend has been extended to include pro-ageing. Ageing is increasingly about appreciating your age and making the best of it. Market analysts from Mintel have observed that this new trend is having an effect on product development and brand communication. Based on this, they have put together six strategy recommendations for skincare brands.

1. Add value to the product by offering aids and devices. Here, it is also important to explain the application, the effects and the benefits to consumers, Mintel adds. As an example, they mention the Cyro Recovery Mask by Charlotte Tilbury, which combines a face mask with an eye serum.

2. Approach innovation across different categories. Since the current trend is resulting in a reduction in the number of beauty products used, market experts recommend combining different product benefits. One such idea would be decorative cosmetics with anti-ageing properties such as the Vital Skin Foundation Stick by Westman Atelier, with Berryflux Vita as a moisturising agent.

3. Appeal to consumers with new formats and application techniques. Here Mintel takes the Bio-Performance Second Skin Set by Shiseido as an example, which consists of swabs, an applicator and two eye serums. They go on to explain that the serums can be applied over the make-up to hide signs of ageing around the eyes.

4. Offer ingestible skin health products. Mintel has observed an anti-ageing focus developing in the market for vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Skincare brands could therefore provide sets of products to improve skin health that can be taken orally, the consultants add. They also recommend offering further nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice with products. Mintel sees an example of this in the Moon Juice Collagen Stack, which contains a collagen protection supplement as well as a plump jelly serum to provide the skin with support from both inside and out.

5. Use new ingredients. These can be used for much more than just treating wrinkles. Mintel refers to hyperpigmentation as well as dry and dull skin, as these are also age-related skin problems. The Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot serum contains five kinds of encapsulated vitamin C together with tranexamic acid. This is thought to reduce dark and red patches in the long term.

6. Take hormonal fluctuation into account. Mintel sees a possible opportunity for brands to treat skin problems caused by hormones during the climacteric period. The I-On by Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream is an example of a product developed for use by women after menopause and uses patented technology to reduce and neutralise levels of iron in the skin. Mintel also advises cosmetics brands to enter into research and development partnerships. In addition to potentially increasing the knowledge base on how hormones affect the skin, this also gives product claims more credibility.

Source: Mintel Photo: Milan Ilic

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