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11/04/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Ageing Well in Harmony with the Ecosystem

The First Active Ingredient to emerge from the Biotech Platform Triplobiome

Provital has launched the first ingredient to be developed using its Triplobiome technology. Shiloxome is an active ingredient designed to provide the skin with a well-ageing effect on epidermal and dermal cells. It combats signs of skin ageing by enhancing the skin's natural barrier and protecting it from environmental pollutants.

Yeast Extract Is Good for Skin and the Environment

Shiloxome is an extract derived from the yeast "Kwoniella mangroviensis", found inside the bark of the cork oak. The "ecosystem ingredient" was created using the company's biotechnological platform Triplobiome. It uses endophytes as a sustainable source to produce new natural active ingredients. The goal is to maintain biodiversity and prevent the use of plant biomass. Endophytes are symbiotic microorganisms that live inside plants and positively impact their growth and development.

Compliant with All Relevant International Standards

According to the manufacturer, Shiloxome is preservative-free. The active ingredient is vegan, COSMOS-approved and meets the requirements of ISO 16128. Moreover, it complies with China's cosmetics regulations and is Halal-certified.

Source: Provital

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