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02/10/2023 CosmeticBusiness

Active Ingredient for the #NoFilter Trend

A Sustainably Harvested Plant Is to Help Against Impure Skin

Epispot is a new active ingredient from BASF for the treatment of blemish-prone skin. According to the company, Epispot addresses the root causes of an imbalance affecting lipids, microbiota, and the skin’s natural defence system. It is said to reduce skin shine, improve the appearance of facial pores, and promote a healthy complexion. The new ingredient is thus in line with the #NoFilter trend in skincare, that means it enables an authentic look without digital beauty filters.

Harvest Guarantees Species Preservation

Epispot is an extract of Epilobium angustifolium, a species of willowherb. The plant reportedly is suitable for a wide range of applications, from face serums to cleansers and makeup formulations. Its organic certified harvesting is carried out in France at six different locations to ensure species preservation through rotation.

Triple Action Clinically Proven

The efficacy of Epispot reportedly was validated in a randomised, split-face study with 34 female volunteers. They applied an emulsion with 0.2 per cent Epispot and a placebo emulsion twice daily for eight weeks. After 56 days, excess skin greasiness was reduced by 37 per cent compared with the placebo. In a self-assessment 88 per cent perceived an immediate matte effect. Epispot was also shown to improve the appearance of facial pores after 56 days of application.

Source: BASF

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