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22/03/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Active Ingredient as an Integrated Product Protection

Savelite HB Acts Against Microorganisms and Oxidation

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients has unveiled Savelite HB. The multifunctional hydroxypropolyester reportedly can protect all types of cosmetic products targeting normal to sensitive skin by acting against microorganisms and oxidation. The clear, colourless, and odorless liquid is a cold-processable ingredient, thus saving time and energy during production.

The Cosmetic Active Is Multifunctional

According to the manufacturer, the ingredient also acts as a moisturiser. In vivo corneometer testing reportedly has shown an increase of 10.9 per cent after two weeks. It is also said to fully respect the skin microbiome. Further, it can help stabilise emulsions by reducing oil droplet size.

The Ingredient Fulfils Various Sustainability Requirements

Offering the functionality of proprietary Symrise ingredients, Savelite HB builds on propanediol and benzoic acid molecules. The ingredient is readily biodegradable. It reportedly is produced via a sustainable manufacturing process aligned with the principles of green chemistry.

Source: Symrise

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