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19/05/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Vita Naturgel ®

Say goodbye to synthetic thickeners with Vita Naturgel®

A water-soluble biodegradable hydrocolloid designed to replace synthetic thickeners in your next developments. This plant-based thickener improves the organoleptic characteristics and increases the natural feel of cosmetics thank to its natural and marine origin. Vita Naturgel® is extracted from red and brown seaweed so that you can tell your customers that your formulations are biodegradable and 100% microplastics free.


Company: Quimivita

Contactpartner: Laura Esther Martinez

Telephone: 0034638298074

Mail: lmartinez@quimivita.com

Webadress: https://www.quimivita.com/cosmetics/vitanaturgel/

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