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03/04/2024 CosmeticBusiness

A Shared Commitment to Sustainable Fragrances

Data-Driven Approach Aims to Minimise the Environmental Impact of Ingredients

dsm-firmenich has entered into a partnership with Interstellar Lab. The French biotech company specialises in developing biofarming solutions designed to speed up plant growth and trigger the production of specific molecules in plants. Together, the companies plan to study the relationship between environmental conditions and plant yield. Their findings will then be used as a basis for developing sustainable, high-quality fragrances.

AI Optimises Resource Consumption on Biofarms

According to the partner companies, Interstellar Lab is bringing not only its biotechnical expertise to the project but also its AI control system. This system is said to be able to reduce energy and resource consumption as well as improve carbon sequestration on their biofarms where it is used. Ultimately, this data-driven approach is expected to improve the environmental footprint of the ingredients produced.

Research in Agrotechnology Used for Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

dsm-firmenich says it regularly uses research findings from the field of agrotechnology to ensure it can minimise effects on the animal and plant world when sourcing ingredients.

Source: dsm-firmenich

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