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18/01/2024 CosmeticBusiness

L'Oréal Convinces with Innovations for Sustainable Daily Beauty

Technological Developments Save Water and Energy

L'Oréal is to fully take over the Swiss technology company Gjosa. The companies have signed an agreement according to which the cosmetics group will acquire the remaining shares of its partner company. The two companies combined forces to develop the L'Oréal Professionel Water Saver showerhead. This makes use of efficient water fragmentation technology patented by the Swiss company.

Water Saver Showerhead: Rocket Technology Helps Save Water

The principle of water fragmentation was borrowed from applications in rocket engines and medical technology. According to Gjosa, it allows every single droplet of water to be used efficiently. The L'Oréal showerhead has a specially designed water injection system that channels the flow of water to a precise collision point and in a defined direction. According to the developers, the showerhead should allow hair salons to lower their water usage by up to 69 per cent without negatively impacting their customers' experience of a pleasant and thorough hair rinse. 10,000 hair salons in Europe and the Middle East are said to be already using the Water Saver.

Air Light Pro Hairdryer: Faster and Gentler Drying with Infrared Light

In January, the cosmetics group attended the technology trade fair CES in Las Vegas to again present one of its latest developments. Air Light Pro is an energy-saving hairdryer created in collaboration with Zuvi. L'Oréal has a minority stake in the US company. Zuvi has already made a name for itself by using the power of light to dry hair.

The Air Light Pro combines patented infrared technology with a high-speed motor. According to the manufacturer, the concept makes it possible to dry hair without excessive heat. By efficiently drying water on the hair surface, hair is left with internal moisture in the strand. This results in visibly smoother hair than when using a hairdryer with a heating coil. It also achieves energy savings of 31 per cent.

Air Light Pro will be launched in selected markets in 2024.

Source: L'Oréal

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