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24/06/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Biobased Marble Lookalike

A Special Finishing Transforms Sulapac-Caps into Unique Pieces

FaiveleyTech reveals new marble-like finishing for beauty packaging made of biobased Sulapac materials. According to the companies, fragrance caps in different shades were created with Sulapac Luxe Flex. Due to the manufacturing process, the pattern is said to be repeatable though each piece remains unique.

Cosmetics Brands Are Increasingly Using Biobased Materials

FaiveleyTech specialises in plastic injection moulding for Industry, Healthcare, and Beauty sectors. Since 2018 the company has partnered with Sulapac. Together the partners realised for example Sulapac lids for part of the N°1 de Chanel beauty range, caps and closures for Shiseido’s Ulé, as well as the fragrance caps in Chanel Les Eaux 125 ml bottles.

100 Tons of Sulapac Processed

The manufacturer, by its own account, has experience with nine different Sulapac material grades, including Sulapac Premium with large wood chips, Chanel’s recipe that incorporates by-products from the company’s own production, as well as Sulapac Barrier used for the parts in contact with bulk. Until today over 100 tons of Sulapac materials have already been transformed into products by FaiveleyTech, the company says.

Source: Sulapac

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