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04/06/2024 CosmeticBusiness

Beauty from a Rock

Mineral-Based Ingredients for Lipsticks and Hand Scrubs

The French supplier of mineral-based specialty solutions Imerys has introduced two new product developments for make-up and toiletries. With its mineral ingredients, the company reportedly intends to ride the trend for cosmetics formulated from natural resources.

A Mattifying Agent for Lipsticks

One of the new products is ImerCare 400D. Previously launched as an absorption agent it now can be used as a mattifying agent for lipsticks and a natural alternative to synthetic silica. According to the company, the ingredient demonstrates superior absorption providing a natural mattifying effect in lipsticks as well as good sensorial properties and thermal stability. ImerCareR 400D is based on microporous diatomaceous earth; it is Cosmos approved.

A Volcanic Rock for Hand Scrubs

Produced from natural volcanic rock, ImerCare SandyScrub is the latest addition to the manufacturer's ImerCare range, dedicated to the cosmetics and toiletries industry. The new ingredient is said to provide gentle exfoliation in hand soaps used in industrial environments such as garages and workshops.

Source: Imerys

Source: Adobe Stock, deniskomarov
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