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06/07/2022 CosmeticBusiness

Focus on Self-Care

Flaconi Is Repositioning

The German beauty retailer Flaconi is evolving from a classic beauty store to a holistic self-care provider. In light of significant changes in the beauty market, the retailer has decided to relaunch its brand. Flaconi says that classic beauty ideals have moved on and been replaced by a more individualised approach to well-being and beauty. The brand's new aim is to offer customers a beauty and self-care experience that helps them lead happier, healthier lives.

Product Range To Be Adjusted

Flaconi is now gradually expanding its product range to include new self-care brands. In addition, it plans to extend existing categories such as home spa, beauty tools and supplements to reflect its new strategy. The company also plans to offer its customers a complete self-care brand experience through personalised promotions and new social media content as well as an optimised shopping process.

New Slogan With a Positive Message

Flaconi says it wants to redefine the term self-care with a positive message that frees it from the notion of having to follow a certain pattern or being perceived as just another item on a to-do list. Instead, self-care should be about enjoying yourself and not being tied down by rules. This is what the brand aims to express with its new slogan “time to care”. According to the company, this slogan is both an invitation and a reminder to consciously take some time to look after yourself.

Source: Flaconi

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